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Shade Cloth

Extrablock Shadecloth by Alnet of South Africa

Extrablock Shadecloth by Alnet of South Africa

The Extrablock range of knitted shade cloth has been specifically designed for use in tension structures and shade sails, but performs equally as well when used on standard carport structures, awnings and even umbrellas.

Extrablock shade cloth is unique with its high tensile strengths in the warp and weft directions as well as its almost equal elongation properties in both warp and weft directions when under tension. Alnet researched and engineered this remarkable product for almost two years, and now bring to the world a unique and extremely functional outdoor shade cloth.


Some properties of Extrablock:

  • ​​High strength
  • Controlled elongation
  • Maximum shade
  • Dimensional stability
  • Maximum protection against harmful UV rays
  • 10 year warranty
  • Fire retardancy
  • Heat set (stentered)
  • Will not rot or support the development of mould and
  • Breathable, allowing air circulation for cooling and
    exceptional resistance to UV degradation.

ALNET’s decorative range of products, including Extrablock and Sunblock, are manufactured on 16 gauge Raschel knitting machines. ALNET is the only manufacturer in the world utilising as many as 8 needles per square inch in the shade netting process.

This gives the cloth its unique and stable tensioning attributes in both the warp and weft directions. Extrablock is the result of the technological abilities and commitment of one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of knitted shade fabric, Alnet (Pty) Ltd. Alnet is one of very few pure bred shade cloth manufacturing companies from research and development, purchasing the HDPE pellet, extruding of the yarn, to the knitting, sales and marketing of the product.

Sunblock Shadecloth by Alnet of South Africa

Sunblock Shadecloth by Alnet of South Africa

Sunblock is Alnet’s light weight shade cloth that has been designed for residential applications, lightweight shade structures and high tension structures where the critical requirements are for a lightweight fabric.

It has 6 fantastic colours and is only 210gsm. Sunblock is also great for applications where more light transmission is needed, this of course means its shade cover and UV properties are lower than Extrablock.

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