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AP1000 - All Purpose PVC

AP1000 - All Purpose PVC

AP1000 is a spread coated PVC fabric, woven using high tenacity filament polyester yarns in a plain 1 X 1 weave providing a smooth fabric appearance.

The fabric has an acrylic coating on both sides allowing for easy care and cleaning, UV resistant pigments and FR additives for commercial applications and has excellent welding properties.

  • Wide width 250cm
  • Acrylic Lacquer both sides
  • Good adhesion & flexing
  • Spread coat
  • 40 metre roll
  • Weldable
  • UV resistant pigments
  • High tenacity filament polyester
  • Fire retardant to AS1530.2 and 3 standard

Sioen Architectural PVC T0101E

Easyfluo architectural fabric

  • Pre -treated base fabric PES high tenacity yarn and stabilised
  • Double-side PES adhesion impregnation layers
  • Double-side quality PVC main coating layer pigmented with UV stabilizers, for FR types fire-retardant and flexing additives
  • Backside acrylic top coat lacquering for good cleaning ability
  • EASYFLUO light PVDF top coat lacquering layer for implemented cleaning ability, improved UV resistance and perfect weldability
  • Versatile 650gsm weight


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